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Find here every day a summary of the best recently free iPhone apps hand-picked for you by staff. And when we find some good deals, we also mention top apps currently on sale. You can also follow us on twitter or Facebook

Best iPhone apps deals

  • Boxer : 3.99 -> £.69 for iPhone and iPad
  • Topia : 1.49 -> £.69 for iPhone and iPad

Recently free iPhone and iPod Touch apps :

Important note : please, be carefull, all the apps mentionned below were free when we wrote this post, their price may have changed depending when you read this so always check the price before downloading from the App Store ! We won’t be held responsible for any mistake since … You are the one hitting the button 😉

  • ProCam 2 : Turn your iPhone into a professional camera with features that will make it act just like a DSLR
  • RealCover : Your family, friends and lover can make a Magazine cover model.
  • TASKY+ : Smart and simple task management for everyday life with clear design, automatic date recognition from task description, alarms, Reminders app synchronization, tags support and calendar view for easier planning.
  • Relaxia : Relaxia is the most personalized sleep and relaxation experience that you can possibly have., for iPhone and iPad

  • PhotoJus Cute Fog FX Pro : PhotoJus Cute Fog FX transforms your photo into various nice effects by adding fog glass effect to your photo!
  • FunSlides : With FunSlides you can create fantastic REALTIME, HD video slideshows from your favourite photos.
  • Stealth Camera : Stealth Camera can be very useful when you do not wish to disturb the surrounding.
  • Ding! : Incredibly simple Player You get , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store
  • Ideaz : You know that you have an amazing idea, so you run as fast as you can to your mobile, open the nearest note app, writing your idea ,and the next week you can’t remember what was your ‘one billion dollar’ idea, and where you’ve wrote it.

Recently free iPhone and iPod touch games :

  • Parallax 2 : Prove your skills and take a one way flight to fame and glory! Power-ups and upgrades help you to fight the enemy and to defend your species. Resist the attacks as long as possible., for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Parallax 2

  • Armed Conflict : Eggcodes new multiplayer First-Person-Shooter (FPS) brings high quality console graphics on your Apple device.

free iPhone app Armed Conflict

  • Lucky Fighter : Up for an action packed, bully beat down casual game that’s instantly addictive? Show off your skills and bust down 100 foolish freaks that think they can take you out.

free iPhone app Lucky Fighter

  • Trader’s Way : Trader’s Way is a mind-challenging game in which you are introduced to the ups and downs of the stock market. , for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Trader

  • Amazing Breaker : Most Angry Birds fans will love Amazing Breaker, especially those who want a greater challenge

free iPhone app Amazing Breaker

and a few other games :

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