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Find here every day a summary of the best recently free iPhone apps hand-picked for you by staff. And when we find some good deals, we also mention top apps currently on sale. You can also follow us on twitter or Facebook

iPad apps on sale

  • 1Password : 14.99 -> £6.99 for iPhone and iPad
  • Horn : 4.99 -> £1.99 for iPhone and iPad
  • Lili : 1.99 -> £.69 for iPhone and iPad
  • Sonic CD : 1.99 -> £.69 for iPhone and iPad

Recently and temporary free iPad applications :

Important note : please, be carefull, all the apps mentionned below were free when we wrote this post, their price may have changed depending when you read this so always check the price before downloading from the App Store ! We won’t be held responsible for any mistake since … You are the one hitting the button 😉

  • AcePlayer : can play almost any file format movies and streaming, for iPhone and iPad
  • Turbo Downloader : Visit your favorite sites using the integrated multi-tab browser , Start a video, play an audio, select a photo or document on the website, Tap on the download button that automatically appears, for iPhone and iPad
  • 7 Minute Workout Pro : research-backed workout program , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store, for iPhone and iPad

  • Dandelion : interactive App about bullying and the power of imagination , ranked 4 stars on the US App Store, for iPhone and iPad

Temporary free iPad games :

  • Feast or Famine : Jump right into the Neolithic era and hunt with Glyph, chasing down your quarry across open plains, over cliffs and waterfalls, through trees and swinging vines., for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Feast or Famine

  • MagMaze : more than 200 mazes of various shapes and sizes; mazes like you’ve never seen on the iPhone, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app MagMaze

  • Fish Heroes : 3D physics action-puzzler, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Fish Heroes

  • Chucky: Slash & Dash : Play as Chucky and sprint through the factory while avoiding obstacles and eliminating enemies using Chucky’s favorite knife or other more outlandish weapons., for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Chucky: Slash & Dash

  • BLiP : Tumble, bounce and slide BLiP through an atmospheric world filled with deadly spikes and precarious platforms, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app BLiP

  • Toca House : Welcome to Toca House! Help the five friends to do fun chores around a cosy house. Let your kids do the dishes, ironing, sweeping or planting flowers in the garden. Loads of fun with 19 different mini-games, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Toca House

and some other games :

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