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Find here every day a summary of the best recently free iPhone apps hand-picked for you by staff. And when we find some good deals, we also mention top apps currently on sale. You can also follow us on twitter or Facebook

Best iPhone apps deals

  • PAC-MAN : 1.49 -> £.69 for iPhone and iPad
  • Badland : 2.49 -> £1.49 for iPhone and iPad

Recently free iPhone and iPod Touch apps :

Important note : please, be carefull, all the apps mentionned below were free when we wrote this post, their price may have changed depending when you read this so always check the price before downloading from the App Store ! We won’t be held responsible for any mistake since … You are the one hitting the button 😉

  • iKeepDocs : Passport, id card, SSN, bank account, discount card, logins, passwords, bank cards, etc. protcted from all eyes , ranked 5 stars on the US App Store
  • Humid : simplicity and minimalism in mind, carefully hand-craft for iOS 7 with awesome new features; right on the main screen you will find the exact information you would like to know.
  • Motion Time : Divide the video into the segments and determine the rates for each separately
  • Fog of World : Go around the world and remember everywhere you have been in your whole life journey!, for iPhone and iPad
  • Crop Video : easy video cropping application , for iPhone and iPad

  • AllBudget2 : an app to manage your personal finances., for iPhone and iPad
  • Mobile Form : organize all kind of your important information in a secured place
  • Funny Alarm Pro : Turn up the volume, select the sound, press start and put the iPHONE on the table… looks off! When somebody raises it, for iPhone and iPad
  • EarthZoom Pro : Zoom from Space to Ground level. All these places are bookmarked on a click of a button and you are there.
  • Play2Focus : designed to revise your order of priorities and status of tasks very easily through just simple swipe gestures. , ranked 4,5 stars on the US App Store
  • Voice Translator speak : Voice Translator speak, it’s translated and voiced in one of the many languages supported, for iPhone and iPad

Recently free iPhone and iPod touch games :

  • HEAVY – sword : Run, jump, dash, chop, bomb, smash your way through Goblin, orcs, ogres, Robot knights, Wizards, lava, falling rocks, man eating plants, and loads of other dangers on your quest to rescue the Princess Lucinda, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app HEAVY - sword

  • cyro : Help the cyro people build a bridge to the planet they admire. Two tiny cyro workers grab a bar, keep it rotating, and want to be led through all kinds of mazes. , ranked 5 stars on the US App Store, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app cyro

free iPhone app Wolf Vampire

  • Tale Tapper : an adventure game that combines stealth and platform game elements to create a fast-paced gameplay experience, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app Tale Tapper

free iPhone app Stickman Trampoline PRO

  • 3D FreeThrow HD : first person free-throw basketball game, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app 3D FreeThrow HD

  • BumBall : Lead your dragon to victory! Defeat waves of enemies more and more powerful!, for iPhone and iPad

free iPhone app BumBall

and a few other games :

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